My Experience on 6 days workshop with Content Vidhya

“Content is the reason search began in the first place”.

In today’s trend, content writing and digital marketing hold high value and demand in the market. There are many industries in the market but there is one thing no industry can be without content . Let it be any business, value and growth will always be successful only when their content is healthy and with quality. That’s the reason why I loved being a content writer. I had a high level of interest to get some knowledge on content writing. Luckily I came across the workshop class conducted by Content Vidhya after searching for many reliable websites imparting knowledge of content writing.

Workshop Sessions of Content Vidhya Workshop

Because of the pandemic Covid-19 situation, I joined content Vidhya online six days workshop by enrolling myself with the course. The enrollment fee is only ₹999/-. But the knowledge I obtained from the classes is more for what I paid as a fee. I had a glance of student testimonials before I enrolled myself with the Content Vidhya and was quite satisfied with the reviews given by the people who benefited from the workshop.

Workshop highlights attracted me

The mentor Mrs.UmaMadhavi says , “If your character can write, so can you!”

I sincerely thank Uma madam for making my 6 days full of taking notes of knowledge she shared with us and keeping . She is a successful content writer having more than 14 years of experience and expertise in blogging and writing field which made me fall in love with her knowledge . She was so polite and good at giving us concepts with live examples and scenarios. learning from her was enjoyable. She just created an interest in me to write more and more using knowledge gained from her.

The Day 1

what is meant by Content , what are the qualities of a good Content Writer were clearly taught to us. we understood different types of content writings like — Corporate, Article, and Sales and styles of write ups like Expository , narrative, persuasive as well as Descriptive. Hacks of Creating an eye Grabbing Headline were so interesting. Tips for building an introduction was also taught . Right Way to Proofread the Contents was explained beautifully providing many tools and applications.

The Day 2

Appropriate usage of punctuations, quotations and grammar issues were taken up for the discussion. we were also been taught with the concept of using hyperlinks in the content writing. inserting web searched images relevant for the content and giving image credits for the pics were discussed. Building a simple and presentable body of the content was explained.

The Day3

Day 3 was about how to use copywriting skills and secrets of story telling in content writing. The mentor also taught us how to avoid irrelevant framing of sentences and common mistakes in article framing.

Day 4 was an off day for the budding content writers in the batch in order to complete the assignments .

The Day 5

The Day 5 was about smart way of using keywords in content framing Keywords. A broad idea of how to make money through writing contents and increasing the traffic were discussed. She Practically explained Why Social Media is Important for Writers to get the traffic and demand for recognition of the content. Niche marketing discussions were awesome session to listen to on that day.

The Day 6

Last day of workshop went on well with a discussion of areas of scope for a content writer in Affiliate Marketing, Researching and advanced research for content preparations, ways of making use of paid promotions for the blog traffic.

Study materials were shared in whatsapp and mails to make the batch students revise the concepts and go through concepts which really build my confidence to write contents well. Yes Guys, Time is no bar . In a matter of 6 days , saw a clear difference in my knowledge of content writing before and after 6 days of workshop. Really 6days can be productive friends .Go for it .

Thank you.